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Sponsorship and Sales Manager

Elite Gaming Channel is the biggest tournament organizer and broadcaster for Age of Empires 4, the popular RTS game from Microsoft. We're looking for a part-time (25 hours per month) sales and sponsorship manager.

You'll be responsible for generating sponsorship revenue for our live esports events. Your role will involve outbound partnership acquisition whereby you'll proactively identity and built a pipeline of new partners. 

Your role will include developing sales materials independently, and researching and establishing leads independently. 

Required Experience:

  • 2 years experience in selling esports sponsorships.

  • Deep knowledge of the esports sponsorship industry, all the key metrics used.

  • Proven track record of cold outreach and lead generation. 

The candidate must have proven experience in the above and the ability to jump straight in. The ideal candidate will be familiar with RTS gaming and its communities.

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Sales and Sponsorship Manager
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