The AOE III Table Topper (March)!

Streamed on EGCTV, hosted by Aussie_Drongo


  • The first ranked overall player at 23.59 (GMT) will receive a bye directly into the show match. 

  • The four players players ranked 2nd-5th at this time will gain entry to play-off for the other spot in the show match. 

  • All five invitees and must confirm participation within 48 hours. In the event that a player does not wish to or cannot participate, then the next ranked player will be invited, moving down the ladder until there are five confirmed participants. Smurf accounts (as judged by Aussie Drongo will NOT be eligible). 

  • The semi-final players must agree to complete their match before 5th April 2021.

  • The first prize is $1,000, the runner-up of the show match will receive $500. 

  • the Table Topper is only renewed for the following month once confirmed publicly by Aussie Drongo or EGCTV.

Competition Format

  • The first game in every match must be a US mirror.

  • The two semi-finals of the preliminaries will be 2nd vs 5th and 3rd vs 4th. These will be Bo5 matches. Each civilisation can only be played once (even if losing). 

  • The winners of these matches will play in the final of the preliminaries. This match is Bo7. In this match each civilisation may be played once, with a one civilisation exception, that can be played twice.

  • The show match itself will be Bo9. This match will be Bo9, in which all civilisations can be used twice.  

  • The higher ranked player on the ladder gets to pick their civilisation for the first game second. After this, the loser of the previous game gets to pick their civilisation second for the following game. This applies to every match.

  • The games in the show match will be played on the following maps in this order:

  1. TBC​

  2. TBC

  3. TBC

  4. TBC

  5. TBC

  6. TBC

  7. TBC

  8. TBC

  9. TBC

  10. TBC

  11. TBC

Each player may veto a map once, in which case the map moves to the next on the list. ​

Streaming and Recording

  • The semi-final matches should be concluded by 5th April 2021. 

  • The players may coordinate with the tournament organisers and each other regarding the time of play. The entire series should take place over a maximum of 48 hours, but may be split into a maximum of three playing sessions to both players convenience. 

  • Both players must record their games and send to Aussie Drongo within an hour of completion. 

  • The recorded games and rights to stream or publish videos of the games are exclusively owned by the organisers. 

  • Participants may not live stream or otherwise show the games.

  • The participants agree to refrain from discussing the result of their matchup until it has been released by the tournament organisers on March 7th. Leaking of the results will lead to disqualification.

Miscellaneous Rules

  • Aussie Drongo is the tournament's director and referee. In the event of any dispute, his word is final. 

  • The following standard settings are to be used for the games: Supremacy, Standard game rules, Starting in Exploration, Ending in Imperial, Medium Game Speed. 

  • Disconnection within 3 minutes will automatically lead to a restart if it happens on a one-off occasion. Further occasions or disconnection after 3 minutes is only at the discretion of the opposing player or if the tournament director deems it to be an external error.

  • Players should refrain from in-game chat that would lead to censuring from Youtube or Twitch (profanity and racist/sexist language in particular). 

  • Any cheating (such as map hacking or bug abuse) will result in instant disqualification from this and future monthly tournaments.